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«Ironclad Tactics» — это динамичная тактическая карточная игра, исполненная в сеттинге альтернативной истории Гражданской войны с присутствием паровых военных роботов!

Откройте для себя уникальный геймплей, совмещающий в себе точность тактических и карточных игр, с динамикой стратегических игр.

Ironclad Tactics is a fast-paced, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War - with steam-powered military robots!

Key Features:
★ Includes the 'Rise of Dmitry' and 'Blood and Ironclads' add-on campaigns!
★ No microtransactions! Unlock cards by playing the game, not by purchasing them separately.
★ Experience unique gameplay, with rapid, simultaneous turns that blend the precision of tactics and card games with the spontaneity of fast-paced strategy games.

★ Follow the campaign story through a fully-illustrated, character-driven interactive graphic novel.
★ Collect cards as you play through the campaign and build your own decks to crush your foes.
★ Play with your friends in the co-op story campaign or against them in skirmish and nemesis modes.
★ Face off against online challengers in quick-skirmish mode, and unlock special cards when you win.
★ Bonus! Includes a high-quality digital artbook, a printable papercraft model of an ironclad, and the Ironclad Tactics OST, with music by Evan Le Ny and Farewell to the Woods.

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