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Mor is an author's story-driven art thriller that tells about the fight against an epidemic of a deadly disease in a distant steppe town. The city is dying before our eyes. You have to make tough decisions - sometimes knowingly losing ones. Sand ulcer is not just a disease. Everyone cannot be saved.

The plague is devouring the city. The main healer of the city dies under mysterious circumstances, and you must take his place. We'll have to look for unexpected allies. Children know something, and they carefully hide it - they will have to play by their rules.

You only have twelve days.

12 days in a strange city plagued by plague.
Time is the head of everything: if you don't keep track of it, it will go to waste. You will have to think hard about what exactly to spend precious minutes on.
Thriller about survival in society. You will have to monitor your body, looking for ways to overcome hunger, thirst, fatigue, and so on. Finding resources alone is not enough. Surviving alone is almost impossible - learn to win people over to you.
Further we go, worse it becomes. At first it will be difficult to find a common language even with your own body ... and then it will be even more difficult. At the first convenient opportunity, the body will betray you. In this game, the bets are obviously not in your favor.
You can move around the city absolutely freely - there are no artificial restrictions. You can go into any house and knock on any door - if, of course, you are prepared for the consequences.
Duel with an invincible enemy. In More, your main enemy is the Plague itself, ethereal and malevolent. And there are no tools with which to master it. The only chance is to try to understand it.
Steal, rob, kill, bargain, beg ... or do none of the above. To survive, you will need food, drink, medicine and other supplies, but how to get them is up to you.
The contractions are short, brutal and artless - just like in real life. And often to death. After all, most opponents are interested in your wallet, and not at all in life.

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