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💎Glitchpunk💎 is an outlet for all lovers of dynamic plot, explosions, shooting and cyberpunk. First-person action is a classic of the genre with futuristic neon lighting. A variety of cold and firearms and vehicles are at your disposal. Take your pick and wreak havoc! Carry out a mayhem and hide from the police while listening to fantastic music blaring from the speakers of a stolen car.

✅Run, hack, steal, steal, shoot and blast to make your way through the underworld of the future. Make friends (and even more enemies). Die or be killed. Even if you have to destroy everything that is dear to you.

✅Violent top-down action with a huge arsenal of weapons.
✅Various vehicles: trains, tanks, motorcycles, buses, trucks and, of course, many cars.
✅Tense police chases and 10 wanted levels.
✅12 gangs. Each has its own history, culture and tasks.
✅4 cities: from the uninhabited wastelands of the United States to a nuclear winter in the cyberpunk Soviet Union.
✅Thoughtful story and multiple endings.
✅Unique combination of 2D images and 3D background.
✅In-game radio with music written by composers from all over the world, news channels and ridiculous ads.

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